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A Romantic Relaxation, Elsuite Gangchon is a romantic and comfortable resting space that makes you to enjoy the beautiful four seasons of Gangchon.
Elsuite Gangchon features a luxurious interior design and convenient room spacing.

  • It is a place where you can enjoy premium service within the comfort of nature
  • A Reliable Condominium
  • An optimal place for healing

▣ Detailed Information


check – in : PM 2:00 ~ 10:00
check – out : AM 11: 00 (Pick Season) / AM 12:00 (Nomal)

Weekdays : Sun – Thu
Weekends : Fri – sat

Breakfast Price (per person) : 20,000 KRW (pay on site)
The Maximum Pax : 5
(*If the number of people is exceeded, 5,000 won is added per person.
Bedding is not included; if you want to add it, it’s 10,000 won per person.)

*You can pay for breakfast and extra Pax when you check out from the restaurant at 2nd floor

*Room type can’t be selected. Rooms will be assigned on site.

Season  DATE
Off- Season(winter) Opening Date ~ 12/14 &  2/10 ~ Cloesed Date
Peak Season 12/15 ~ 12/31
Semi-Peak Season 1/1~2/9
Special Date 12/21~12/31  &  2/4~2/6

 ROOM Type and Amenities

ROOM NAME Max Pax (Capacity) Room Composition Total Area Number Of Rooms
Family A 5 2 rooms (Bed type (Western) / Floor type (Asian)), living room, kitchen, bathroom 99.9㎡ 154
Family B 5 1 room (Bed type (Western) / Floor type (Asian)), living room, kitchen, bathroom 99.9㎡ 56
  • TV, refrigerator, internet, telephone, bathtub, bed (Ondol, double, twin according to room specifications), toilet, sofa, dryer, towel, soap
  • Please note that personal hygiene products (shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, toothbrush, cotton swabs, comb, etc.) and hazardous appliances (iron, multi-tap, etc.) are not available in the room.


* If you need to use external devices such as laptops and portable game devices, cable lines must be prepared individually. (HDMI cable/ RGB cable, etc.)






■Cancellation policy

The cancellation is free of charge 14 days prior to the date of arrival,
after this time Elysian Resort room Non Refundable.

Additional information

SeasonOff-season(Low season), Peak season, Semi-peak season, Special Date, test
Weekdays/endsFamily A OR B(Weekday), Family A OR B(Weekend)

This post is also available in: 繁體(中文) 简体(中文)

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